There’s a common misconception that heat pumps don’t work when the temperature drops below freezing outside. That’s not entirely accurate for certain types of heat pumps. For example, Fujitsu’s XLTH Low Temp Heating mini-split heat pumps boast outdoor condensing units that can continue operating efficiently at -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

That kind of low-temperature performance isn’t the norm. Some heat pumps, especially older models that aren’t made for cold climates, can lose some efficiency when temperatures fall below 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. However, even those can still be useful as supplemental heat in some scenarios, and they provide great cooling performance during warm, humid days when you want to keep your windows closed.

This is especially true if you have specific rooms or areas in your home where you can put a mini-split heat pump system. It’s possible to use heat pumps to take the load off other heating methods and reduce your energy costs.

Heat pumps are often the ideal cooling solution in Maine homes because they are more efficient and far less expensive to install than traditional air conditioners. The temperatures in Maine often don’t justify a significant investment in high-powered cooling, but it’s nice to have some temperature regulation in the summer months.

Can you rely solely on a heat pump to heat your home during winter nights in the Bangor area? That depends on your home and your preferences. Many people use them to provide additional heating or cooling in specific rooms so they can save money on their whole-home heating or cooling. Still, they can also be used as a sole source of temperature control if they’re put in living areas in smaller multi-family units.

Age Matters for Heat Pumps and Heating Performance

The performance and efficiency of heat pumps have improved over time, just like every other type of furnace or air conditioner. Past-generation heat pumps used to struggle to pull heat out of outside air once the temperatures dropped into the 20s or teens. Still, some modern heat pumps can operate efficiently at temperatures below zero. These more efficient heat pumps utilize variable speeds, superior compressors, and better compressor control strategies.

The model or series of heat pump is important in this regard. Not every heat pump is designed to operate in low-temperature environments, so ask an expert about models that will work for you.

At Valley Home Services, we install industry-leading Fujitsu heat pumps, a company with several models specifically designed to operate efficiently in low-temp climates like Maine. There are wall-mounted mini-split, multi-zone and floor-mounted variations of these low-temp heat pumps available.

What Makes These Heat Pumps Special?

Fujitsu offers several cold-climate heat pump options. For example, the Halcyon XLTH series has a few extra features that help it run better in cold temperatures. The outdoor unit has its own little heater that kicks on when the temperature reaches 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that condensation in the unit doesn’t freeze.

The model also has base drainage holes that allow the condensation and melted water to drain harmlessly out of the outside portion of the unit. There are other little differences, too, like a metal fan guard instead of a more brittle plastic fan guard that is more susceptible to damage in low temperatures.

If you’re looking for a heat pump that’s appropriate for the Maine climate, ask the professionals for advice. At Valley Home Services, we’re committed to installing the highest quality heat pumps that work for our local Bangor and Hermon-area customers.

We never install a unit that won’t meet our customers’ heating and cooling expectations, which is why we’re always honest about what you can expect regarding heat pump performance.

Should You Call Valley Home Services for Heating and Cooling in Bangor?

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You can also trust our heat pump technicians for the most dependable heat pump maintenance and repair services in the Bangor area.

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