Here is a short heat pump FAQ with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about heat pumps

Valley Home Services has been privileged to serve the residents of Maine since 1981, and we’ve gotten to know the people and the places very well over the years. One thing we never tire of is the letters, emails and personal chats we have with satisfied customers telling us how much they’re enjoying the benefits of their new heat pumps.

Often, they have questions, things they forgot to ask during installation, or just want a better understanding. So, as a service to our customers new and old, here is a short heat pump FAQ with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps

Q. How do I switch between heating and cooling mode?

A. Pressing the “Mode” button on your remote will allow you to switch between auto, cool, fan, dry and heat. The mode you are in will show in the upper left corner of the remote. Note: Owners of multi-zone heat pumps must remember that each indoor unit must be in the same mode (heat, cool, dry or fan); otherwise, your heat pumps will display an error code. You have a multi-zone heat pump setup if you have one outdoor unit that is attached and operating more than one indoor unit.

Q. What temperature do I set my heat pump to in the winter?

A. You should set it to the temperature most comfortable for you — and leave it there. Trying to save energy by turning it down at night or when you’re away can actually use more energy because your heat pump has to work harder to get back to a warmer temperature when you turn it up again. Holding a steady temperature is the most efficient way to use a heat pump.

Q. Will my heat pump still work when the temps drop below zero?

A. Yes. Depending on the model and unit size, modern heat pumps are still more efficient than boilers and furnaces even at temperatures below -10 F. During extended periods of temperatures below -20 F, efficiency will be lowered, so a backup heat source might be necessary.

Q. Can I do the maintenance on my heat pump?

A. No. You should keep your air filters on the indoor unit(s) clean and keep debris and snow cleared from the outdoor unit, but all other maintenance tasks should be left to trained mini-split heat pump experts from Valley Home Services. The main reason for this is to maintain your heat pump’s warranty.

Q. How do I know when my heat pump needs professional maintenance?

A. Any drop in heating or cooling performance warrants an inspection. If you notice water leaks*, a simple visit from Valley Home Services could clear up the issue and restore your heat pump to optimal working condition.

* In extreme humid conditions, simple condensation (not water leakage) can appear on your heat pump. During very humid days, this is not a cause for concern. This would look much like the water that builds up on the outside of a cold glass of water; it should not be enough water to drip.

Visit Efficiency Maine for more heat pump user tips and of course, you can always contact Valley Home Services whenever you have questions.

Note: We do not service heat pumps that have not been installed by Valley Home Services.