It’s important to clean and service your heat pump just like you regularly clean and service your furnace, boiler, chimney, or other investments. Valley Home Services will service, clean, and maintain everything that we install. Anytime after your heat pump is installed, you may schedule your annual cleaning with us. Please be aware that your first cleaning is not complimentary unless you have purchased the Worry-Free Warranty.

Cleaning & Maintenance Service Options

Once you’ve purchased your heat pump and had it for a year, it is time to consider your options for cleaning. Don’t worry if you forget; we can reach out on your installation anniversary! We offer two maintenance plan options:

Worry-Free Warranty Program

Valley Home Services now offers the opportunity to opt-in to a full-coverage benefit program aimed at covering all labor and maintenance costs associated with any repair or service visit related to your Valley-installed heat pump! Purchasing this program will cover the length of your manufacturer’s warranty, 12 years.

*Service and Repair visits are only available during business hours.

  • Pricing is based on the number of units (indoor and outdoor equipment).
  • Heat pump owners are required to purchase this program within the first year of installation if they wish to partake in the program.
  • It is the heat pump owner’s responsibility to schedule cleanings for their heat pump.

Only systems installed by Valley Home Services are eligible for the Worry-Free Warranty Program. Program is non-transferable if the home is sold to another owner.

Commercial heat pump installations are not eligible for the Worry-Free Warranty Program.

  • 12-year Manufacturer Warranty (Parts/Compressor)
  • Access to Valley’s heat pump support & technicians
  • All labor cost for any repair or service visits for your Valley Home Services-installed heat pump system(s)!
  • A professional cleaning every other year for your Valley installed heat pump(s)
  • Removal or relocation of the system(s) is not covered.
  • If the system has been removed, altered, or repaired by a party other than Valley Home Services, the warranty is void.
  • Repairs due to the following are not covered: acts of God such as ice, salt from the ocean, water damage, fire, flood, wind, lightning; interruption of electrical power, including power surges or brownouts; damage caused by pets or wildlife; neglect from not maintaining the equipment, including snow build-up, and not following normal care recommendations made by Valley or the manufacturer.
  • Repair of any optional accessories is not included. Optional accessories include: condensate pumps, Wi-Fi chips, add-on controls for air purifiers, filters, weather caps
  • Parts, repair, or replacement for the remote are not covered.
  • If the cost of a repair covered by this program exceeds the cost of a new heat pump, Valley reserves the right to install a new system.


Call us when you’d like to schedule an inspection and cleaning for your equipment. Pay-as-you-go inspection and cleanings do not create or extend service memberships.

Call to schedule a service visit if your system isn’t functioning properly. If you do not purchase the Worry-Free Warranty, all labor costs for these service visits are also considered “Pay-as-you-go.”

Gold Membership

Available for Heat Pumps Installed Before January 1, 2023
eligible for renewing Gold Members only:

The Gold Membership includes the annual professional inspection and cleaning, plus free service labor* if your system needs repairs or replacements within the year following the cleaning.

*The Gold Membership extends your peace of mind guarantee with Valley, but to do so, this membership must be maintained continuously throughout the life of your heat pump.

FAQs on Heat Pump Maintenance

We maintain, repair, and service everything that we sell and install.

Valley will not repair/service units that we have not installed. Our team at Valley does clean heat pumps that we did not install, only if all units pass an initial inspection to ensure that they are in working order. Valley will not clean heat pumps that have any issue. In many cases, when adding a new heat pump to your home, if you ask, our technicians can inspect any existing heat pumps in your home to make sure they are in working order for our cleaning and maintenance services.

Service includes cleaning as well as inspection of the interior and exterior units.  During your heat pump maintenance visit, your Valley Home Services technician will:

  • Perform a safety and system performance inspection
  • Clean any dust and debris in the interior and exterior units
  • Clean the evaporator coils
  • Check your filters and change them if necessary
  • Lubricate any components that require lubrication
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Ensure the fan wheel and blower assembly are properly balanced
  • Check mounting of the ductless system
  • Check for drain hose blockages and clear them if necessary
  • Ensure your system’s airflow settings are optimized

Contact us today to schedule your heat pump’s maintenance or to learn more about our annual maintenance services!

Having your ductless heat pump professionally maintained ensures:

  • Your heat pump lasts its full lifespan
  • Your heat pump operates at peak efficiency
  • We catch potential problems before they result in breakdowns
  • You maintain the best indoor air quality
  • You avoid unnecessary repairs caused by neglect, which can cost much more if not caught early

Energy savings is one of the most significant benefits that leads to buying a heat pump. If you haven’t experienced a Maine winter, then welcome! And if you do not yet have your heat pump, prepare your home and bank account for a monthly investment. Heat pumps will result in a small increase in your electric bill, while your oil, gas, or other energy bills will decrease much more! The money you save is dependent on your heat pump running efficiently. Annual maintenance checks will help ensure your heat pump doesn’t suffer a loss of efficiency due to disrepair. Waiting could mean paying extra in heating costs, and this can be easily avoided with regular maintenance and cleanings.

Yes and no. There are a couple things you should do between your annual ductless heat pump maintenance visits.

  1. Keep the air filters on the indoor units clean
  2. Remove debris and trim away grass or shrubs that encroach on the outdoor unit

Regularly cleaning the filter on your heat pump doesn’t just improve your indoor air quality. It also helps promote optimal efficiency. If your filters are clogged, your heat pump will need to work harder to draw air through the system, which requires additional energy and puts added wear on components.

The same applies for the outdoor portion of your heat pump. Blocking it may inhibit optimal functioning and can result in a drop in efficiency.

The other maintenance tasks should be left to trained mini-split heat pump experts who have familiarity with the inner workings of your heat pump.

Any drop in heating or cooling performance warrants an inspection. If it’s been years since your last mini-split heat pump maintenance visit, dirty components or other maintenance-related issues could be to blame for any changes in performance. In some cases, heat pump issues can even be addressed with cleaning rather than expensive repairs.

If you notice water leaks, it could be due to a clogged drainage line leading to an overfilled drain pan. A simple maintenance visit from Valley Home Services could clear up the issue and restore your heat pump to optimal working condition.

Valley Home Services is committed to providing exceptional service to Maine home and business owners. We offer flexible scheduling and prompt service whenever you run into heat pump problems.

We do not service/repair heat pumps that have not been installed by Valley Home Services.

Schedule your heat pump maintenance appointment today!