We Service What We Sell

Valley Home Services provides a 1st-year peace of mind guarantee, a 12-year manufacturer warranty, and a complete service agreement program or pay-as-you-go plan.

Keeping your home or business climate-controlled on extremely hot or frigid days is vital to the comfort of occupants and the safety of your family, home, and business.

If you’re experiencing problems with your heat pump, don’t wait. Call our Valley Home Services team at (207) 945-9008.

Valley Home Services provides heat pump repair services to resolve issues if they arise. We service everything that we install. We’ll send a skilled technician to your location as quickly as possible, determine the cause of the problem, and get your system up and running promptly.

Valley Home Services will not clean heat pumps that are not in proper working order.

Heat Pump Service Options

Once you’ve purchased your heat pump and had it for a year, it is time to consider your options for cleaning. Don’t worry if you forget; we can reach out on your installation anniversary! We offer two maintenance plan options:

Worry-Free Warranty Program

Valley Home Services now offers the opportunity to opt-in to a full-coverage benefit program aimed at covering all labor and maintenance costs associated with any repair or service visit related to your Valley-installed heat pump! Purchasing this program will cover the length of your manufacturer’s warranty, 12 years.

*Service and Repair visits are only available during business hours.

  • Pricing is based on the number of units (indoor and outdoor equipment).
  • Heat pump owners are required to purchase this program within the first year of installation if they wish to partake in the program.
  • It is the heat pump owner’s responsibility to schedule cleanings for their heat pump.

Only systems installed by Valley Home Services are eligible for the Worry-Free Warranty Program. Program is non-transferable if the home is sold to another owner.

Commercial heat pump installations are not eligible for the Worry-Free Warranty Program.

  • 12-year Manufacturer Warranty (Parts/Compressor)
  • Access to Valley’s heat pump support & technicians
  • All labor cost for any repair or service visits for your Valley Home Services-installed heat pump system(s)!
  • A professional cleaning every other year for your Valley installed heat pump(s)
  • Removal or relocation of the system(s) is not covered.
  • If the system has been removed, altered, or repaired by a party other than Valley Home Services, the warranty is void.
  • Repairs due to the following are not covered: acts of God such as ice, salt from the ocean, water damage, fire, flood, wind, lightning; interruption of electrical power, including power surges or brownouts; damage caused by pets or wildlife; neglect from not maintaining the equipment, including snow build-up, and not following normal care recommendations made by Valley or the manufacturer.
  • Repair of any optional accessories is not included. Optional accessories include: condensate pumps, Wi-Fi chips, add-on controls for air purifiers, filters, weather caps
  • Parts, repair, or replacement for the remote are not covered.
  • If the cost of a repair covered by this program exceeds the cost of a new heat pump, Valley reserves the right to install a new system.


Call us when you’d like to schedule an inspection and cleaning for your equipment. Pay-as-you-go inspection and cleanings do not create or extend service memberships.

Gold Membership

Available for Heat Pumps Installed Before January 1, 2023
eligible for renewing Gold Members only:

Includes the annual professional inspection and cleaning, plus free service labor* if your system needs repairs or replacements within the year following the cleaning.

*The Gold Membership extends your peace of mind guarantee with Valley, but to do so, this membership must be maintained continuously throughout the life of your heat pump.

Common Heat Pump Repair Problems

Poor heat output due to dirty system components, such as filters, coils, and fans
Low refrigerant level or problems with refrigerant flow leading to cold air
Strange noises coming from your heating and cooling system
Sudden loss of heating or cooling
Frequent cycling of the system, turning on and off repeatedly