We service what we sell, providing a 1st year peace of mind guarantee, 12-year manufacturer warranty, and either a complete service agreement or pay-as-you-go plan.

Having heat pump failure in the middle of the summer or mid-January can be uncomfortable, stressful, and sometimes even dangerous. Keeping your home or business properly climate-controlled is key to the comfort of occupants and the safety of your family and home on extremely hot or extremely cold days.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems with your heat pump, don’t wait. Call our Valley Home Services team at (207) 945-9008 and let us get it quickly diagnosed and fixed.

Valley Home Services provides heat pump repair services to resolve issues with your heat pump if they arise. We service everything we install. We’ll send a skilled technician to your home or business as quickly as possible, determine the cause of your heat pump problem, and get your system up and running promptly.

Heat Pump Service Memberships

Once you’ve purchased your heat pump and had it for a year, it is time to consider your options for cleaning. Don’t worry if you forget; we can reach out on your installation anniversary! We offer three maintenance plan options:

Gold Membership

Includes the annual professional inspection and cleaning, plus free service labor* if your system needs repairs or replacements within the year following the cleaning.

Silver Membership

Includes the annual professional inspection and cleaning for a discounted price. This plan does not include free labor for repairs or service issues.


Call us when you’d like to schedule an inspection and cleaning for your equipment. Pay-as-you-go inspection and cleanings do not create or extend service memberships.

*The Gold Membership extends your peace of mind guarantee with Valley, but to do so, this membership must be maintained continuously throughout the life of your heat pump.

Common Heat Pump Repair Problems

Poor heat output due to dirty system components, such as filters, coils, and fans
Low refrigerant level or problems with refrigerant flow leading to cold air
Strange noises coming from your heating and cooling system
Sudden loss of heating or cooling
Frequent cycling of the system, turning on and off repeatedly