Benefits of Halcyon Heat Pumps from Valley Home Services

Discover the Numerous Advantages of Heat Pumps in Maine

  • Efficiency when heating and cooling
  • Precise control of a room’s temperature
  • Potential rebates for new systems
  • None of the risks associated with gas-powered heating systems
  • Provide targeted heating or cooling
  • Quiet and unobtrusive performance
  • Can be mounted out of the way on walls or floors

Heat pumps offer many advantages to homeowners and businesses in and around Bangor. They’re great in multi-family properties where each unit needs to be individually heated or cooled, but they’re also ideal options in larger homes or businesses, especially when you only need concentrated heating or cooling in specific rooms.

A heat pump is far more affordable than having a separate standalone air conditioner or furnace installed for heating and cooling. They’re also highly efficient from an energy-use standpoint. Some heat pumps utilize half the energy of air conditioners for the same cooling performance, and in many circumstances, they’re more efficient than oil or propane for heating.

Concentrated Heating and Cooling Where You Need It

There are many circumstances in the summer or winter where you just need to heat or cool a specific room or part of your home or business. Maybe you just want better heating in your bedroom or living room and don’t want to use a lot of extra fuel to heat the rest of your home to a particular temperature. Or maybe you just want a cooler bedroom at night during the summer.

Mini-split pumps provide efficient heating or cooling performance in targeted rooms. Where an HVAC system generally heats or cools your whole home, even rooms that aren’t being occupied, mini-splits will just provide temperature control where you want it.

This is also a great option for many businesses. Garages and mechanics that may just need to heat or cool an office and a waiting area could be ideally served by a heat pump. These heating and cooling solutions are effective for just about any type of business that just needs to heat or cool specific rooms some of the time.


Making Living Spaces Comfortable in the Winter

Despite what some people may tell you, the right heat pump still works great and provides efficient heating during cold Maine days.

If you are considering a heat pump it’s important to work with a company that understands the technology and the manufacturers. It’s true that older heat pumps or less-reliable brands that aren’t designed for our climate might not be ideal for your Maine home. You want to make sure you’re investing in a heat pump that will perform the task you need even during cold conditions.

At Valley Home Services we trust Fujitsu heat pumps because we know they provide great heating and cooling performance in homes around the Bangor area. You should talk to one of our technicians about your heating and cooling preferences and what kind of performance you want out of a system. They’ll provide an honest assessment and suggest a potential heat pump solution for you.

We are protective of our reputation. That’s why we never recommend or install a heat pump that won’t meet your expectations. Our goal is always to make sure our customers are happy with their heat pump investment.

Potential Incentives and Rebates

Many of the heat pumps we install are eligible for manufacturer rebates. You might also be eligible for heat pump rebates through Efficiency Maine. We’re a registered vendor with Efficiency Maine, and we can assist with filing your rebate and answering any questions you may have.

Some of the current rebates available to Hermon and Bangor-area residents interested in heat pumps include:

$400 for your first Tier-1 indoor unit

$800 for your first Tier-2 indoor unit

$200 for your second Tier-1 indoor unit

$400 for your second Tier-2 indoor unit

(Up to $1,200)

Tier-1 heat pumps are those that are:

  • AHRI-rated HSPF 12 or greater for single indoor unit
  • AHRI-rated HSPF 10 or greater for multiple indoor units or ducted unit

Tier-2 heat pumps are:

  • AHRI-rated HSPF 12.5 or greater
  • Single-zone units
  • Wall-mounted indoor units
  • Tier-2 rebate only available in homes without natural gas
  • The Fujitsu heat pumps we install are some of the most commonly rebated units in Maine.

Efficiency Maine also offers special low- and moderate-income rebates and commercial incentives for Maine businesses.

Get a Great Heat Pump for Your Maine Home

Are you looking for an affordable way to heat or cool your home? Do you want targeted heating or cooling performance that doesn’t force you to spend money on heating unoccupied rooms? Mini-split heat pumps are a great solution.

It’s important to have your heat pump installed by skilled professionals who understand placement and proper installation. The specialist at Valley Home Services can ensure you get the most out of your heat pump investment.

Call us at (800) 316-7815 to get started.