The power failing in your home can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a potentially dangerous situation. Food spoiling in your fridge, the inability to do work, or the worry of having medical equipment fail are things no homeowner wants to experience.

At Valley Home Services, we provide home generators that can power your entire home in the event of a power outage. These backup power systems kick in when the power goes out, allowing you to carry on with daily life.

Valley offers full generator installation, service/repair, and troubleshooting. We believe in maintaining everything that we sell. To be able to quickly and fully service all generators that we install, we need to limit our coverage area to the areas surrounding us and only reach our most immediate neighbors. We look forward to growing and being able to serve more Mainers and more of our neighbors in years to come! Our generator coverage area is currently 30 miles from our headquarters in Hermon.

Honeywell Generators

We install whole-home, automatic-transfer generator systems from Honeywell. These systems come in 11, 16, and 22 kilowatts so depending on how many appliances you’d like to run during an outage, we have the right size for you. All systems we sell come with a 5-year repair or replace warranty.

Honeywell Generator for Sale

Advantages of Purchasing a Residential Backup Generator

Residential backup generators primarily provide peace of mind in the event of a power blackout or major storm, so you know you can carry on with daily life. Some of the many benefits of home generators include:

  • Automatic restoration of power during a blackout or outage
  • Improved safety during power outages, helping you and your family better navigate your home and keeping key systems functioning
  • The ability to carry on with regular activities, including working or watching TV
  • Protection from dangerous power surges or voltage fluctuations when power returns
  • Prevention of food spoilage in freezers or fridges

If you’re interested in installing a backup residential generator in your home, our team at Valley Home Services can help you select the right generator for your needs. Whether you want it to power the whole home or only a key circuit you need for work, our team will help assess your situation and your home to determine the best generator solution.