A heat pump is a heating and cooling system for your home that is far more efficient than traditional systems.

It works by extracting heat outside, even on very cold days, and transferring that heat through refrigerant lines to one or more inside units that circulate the heat in your home.

It reverses this process to act as an air conditioner when in cooling mode. In addition, heat pumps have a dry mode for dehumidification and a fan mode for days when you just want to open the windows and use it as a ceiling fan.

Peace of Mind Guarantee with your Heat Pump

Each of our systems comes with a Valley Peace of Mind Guarantee. This means that during the first year after your installation, you will not be charged for the cost of labor in the event of a necessary service visit. We provide this added coverage because we want you to be completely satisfied and be able to trust the quality of the installation of your new system. Parts are covered for applicable service calls under the manufacturer’s warranty. This included membership is valid even without committing to an annual membership later.

Fujitsu systems come with a 12-year manufacturer warranty that covers parts.

How to know if your home, business, or structure is within our service area for heat pump cleanings:

Valley currently installs, cleans, maintains, and services Maine heat pumps up to 100 miles away from our Hermon location and 30 miles away from our Brunswick location. Are you on the fringe of our 100-mile radius? Give us a call: 207-945-9008.

We do not service/repair heat pumps that have not been installed by Valley Home Services.

If you have a Fujitsu system, we are likely to clean it for you. Our team at Valley does clean heat pumps that we did not install, only if all units pass an initial inspection to ensure that they are in working order. Valley will not clean heat pumps that have any issue. In many cases, when adding a new heat pump to your home, if you ask, our technicians can inspect any existing heat pumps in your home to make sure they are in working order for our cleaning and maintenance services.

valley home services technician repairing a heat pump

FAQs on Heat Pump Maintenance

Don’t worry, we do this homework for you before we show up for your consultation. Please visit our Rebates, Promotions and Financing page for more information on the most current rebates.

Yes, we help customers receive financing through either the National Energy Improvement Fund (partnered with Efficiency Maine) or Synchrony Bank. We want to make it as easy as possible for Mainers to enjoy all of the benefits of heat pump ownership. Visit our Rebates, Promotions and Financing page for more information on financing options.

Yes! We’re committed to providing the best price and service for your new ductless heat pump and its installation, which includes helping you maximize your rebates and discounts. Consult with our team to learn how much you can save by installing a new ductless heat pump in your home or business.

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available in terms of energy saved and the lack of byproducts that they emit. Homeowners and businesses can enjoy exceptional temperature control performance along with significantly lower utility bills.
Unlike central air systems that heat or cool an entire structure, heat pumps offer targeted temperature control exactly where it’s needed. And once you get used to using your heat pump, it provides a more consistent source of heat rather than the short “blasts” of heat we normally expect from traditional furnaces that turn on for short bursts. Here are 10 quick tips from the state of Maine on proper use of your heat pump.
Heat pumps also allow you to customize and tailor your home’s heating or cooling with precise temperature control through zoning. Different rooms of your home can maintain different temperatures with a multi-zone mini-split heat pump system or systems.

Energy Efficiency 

Heat pumps are extraordinarily energy efficient, which is good for both the environment and your monthly utility bills. You’ll spend less on fuel when you switch to a heat pump or use a mini-split system to supplement your current heating solution(s).


Mini-split heat pumps offer highly precise zone control. Each room or zone with a unit can maintain the temperature that you and your family prefer. Not every person in your home or business has the same climate preferences. Ductless heat pumps give your household control over their comfort.

Prevent Fuel Waste 

How many rooms are in your home? How many of those rooms are always occupied? If you’re like many Mainers, there are parts of your home that don’t require around-the-clock temperature control. Unfortunately, a traditional central air heating solution doesn’t differentiate between occupied and unoccupied rooms. It’ll burn enough fuel to heat every room with ductwork.

Heat pumps allow you to only heat or cool rooms that need it.

Heat pumps are frequently one of the most affordable heating and cooling solutions for homes thanks to a variety of manufacturer and government incentives. Both the state of Maine and the federal government want people to consume less energy, which is why they encourage the installation of highly efficient temperature control solutions like heat pumps. We will be sure to let you know if your town or city has any additional rebates too!

If you’re curious now, be sure to visit our Rebates, Promotions and Financing page to see what kind of rebate options are available to you. You may discover that you can save literally thousands of dollars on a new, high-quality Fujitsu heat pump and professional installation.

Valley Home Services also offers options for financing to ensure that you can benefit from a new heat pump as soon as you’re ready.

Yes, Valley Home Services cleans, maintains, and services everything that we sell. We offer two different service options:

  • Worry-Free Warranty Program: Opt-in to a full-coverage benefit program aimed at covering all labor and maintenance costs associated with any repair or service visit related to your Valley-installed heat pump! Purchasing this program will cover the length of your manufacturer’s warranty, 12 years.
  • Pay-as-you-go: Call us when you’d like to schedule an inspection and cleaning for your equipment. Pay-as-you-go inspection and cleanings do not create or extend service memberships.