Heat pumps are easy to maintain with Valley Home Services.

Heat pumps are one of the easiest HVAC solutions to maintain because they use the same components for both heating and cooling. The same heat pump components and processes that cool a home are simply reversed automatically by the mini-split system when it’s switched from cooling in the summer to heating in the winter.

On the flip side, homes or businesses that have both an air conditioner and a furnace have two entirely separate units to provide heating and cooling, likely using different energy or fuel sources.

Minimizing Breakdowns, Excessive Energy Use and Repairs

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a properly maintained heat pump will consume 10 to 25 percent less energy than a neglected heat pump.

Heat pumps are even easy for their owners to maintain. With some simple maintenance tasks, heat pump owners can help ensure their heat pumps work efficiently between professional inspections. These best practices not only reduce breakdowns or premature wear but can also save energy.

  • Don’t crank the heat.

    Some people assume that turning the temperature way up will heat the room faster. However, this could potentially kick on the backup heating element, which will make the heat being provided far more expensive.

  • Set the fan to auto.

    Setting the fan to “Auto” on your thermostat will put less strain on the fan’s motor, which means it’s not consuming more energy than necessary to heat or cool a room.

  • Change your filters.

    Cleaning or replacing air filters is a relatively simple and quick job most homeowners can handle on their own. Recommendations for changing HVAC filters vary depending on a lot of factors. However, mini-split manufacturers often recommend air filter cleaning once every two weeks and replacement once a year. You may want to replace the filters more often if people in your home have respiratory problems or allergies. Remember that a clogged filter can also reduce airflow and make your mini-split work a lot harder to pull air through the system, which usually means an increased energy cost.

  • Clear the clutter.

    The outdoor fan needs to be able to pull in as much air as possible past the coils in the unit, and debris like leaves, weeds, and even snow and ice can hamper its ability to do so.

  • Schedule routine cleanings.

    Valley Home Services offers service plans that include annual heat pump cleanings and maintenance inspections to ensure your system runs efficiently.

Fewer Parts Means Faster Repairs

Air conditioners and furnaces are complex pieces of heating and cooling technology. It’s nearly impossible for even the most well-equipped HVAC technician to have every potential replacement part they could need to fix someone’s furnace or air conditioner.

A single mini-split heat pump, however, simply has fewer parts than two separate units. This means it’s more likely your heat pump repair technician will have a replacement part on hand when something breaks. It’s not uncommon for HVAC technicians to need to order replacement parts for air conditioners or furnaces, but a heat pump can usually be fixed in a single visit.

Get the Best Mini-Split Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair in Bangor

Home and business owners in the Bangor and Hermon area can trust the heat-pump pros at Valley Home Services for all of their heat pump maintenance, repair and installation needs. We’re committed to quickly diagnosing and fixing problems, so you’re never left without heating or cooling when you need it.

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