So, you have a home or business in Maine, and you’re in search of an efficient heating and cooling solution? The best place to start is to contact Valley Home Services for a free heat pump estimate and installation consultation.

Our consultants will listen and discuss your options with you to help you to make the most informed decision. We treat your home like it is our own. Our technicians focus on keeping your home tidy from the moment we walk through your door. It all starts with a free consultation and estimate.

Call us at (207) 945-9008 to schedule your heat pump estimate today! We will gather information about your needs, answer any initial questions for you and schedule a free, in-home consultation.

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What to expect during our free in-home heat pump consultation:

Whether you already know exactly what you want or you are in search of more help to come to a decision, we will discuss the considerations with you for the best system configuration and placement to fit your needs.

We take pictures of where you would like your inside and outside units to go, where the lineset between them will be placed, your electrical panel(s), as well as how the unit will connect to the electrical panel. This work is done at the consultation so that there are as few surprises as possible, allowing us to come fully prepared to each installation. You have options, and the look of your home is always a key consideration that we want to understand from you. Please share your needs and preferences with us!

Your consultant will take notes and provide you with one or more estimates for an installation to fulfill your needs, often even before we leave. We can send an emailed or a snail mail copy of your quote as well, just ask.

Each estimate or quote is honored for 30 days from the day of the quote, providing you with time to make a decision. In some cases, like new construction or remodeling, we can answer further questions over the phone or provide a follow-up in-home consult, still at no charge.

Before your consultant can advise on your best options, they want to understand what you need and what you want. We want to…

Identify your goals

The most common goals being cost savings, comfort, reduced environmental impact, convenience, and aesthetics.

Identify your Needs

Consultants aim to understand how you will use your heat pump. Questions to answer include:

  • Will your heat pump be used for heating, cooling or both?
  • Will it be a supplemental source or the main source of heating/cooling?
  • What are your heating and cooling priorities?
  • Upstairs only or maybe a bedroom first? A single room or addition? A heat source for your garage renovation? Maybe you are focused on your main living area?
  • What is your budget today?

What is your consultant looking for in order to advise you on your best heat pump options?

During your installation we need you for these important things:


To get final authorization of the positioning of your inside and outside units and the lineset between them.


To provide you with heat pump education as well as instructions on how to operate your remote control.*

*We want you to be informed, but this is also a requirement to obtain your rebate!


To obtain signatures for any financing or rebates, to provide the owner’s manual and other important paperwork, and to receive payment.

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