Honeywell backup generator installation and service.

Having a backup generator for your home can be a huge benefit considering the frequency of blackouts in Maine. Reasons so many people choose to invest in backup generators include:

  • Power is automatically restored if a blackout or power outage occurs
  • Keeping the lights on makes your home safer to navigate in the event of a power outage
  • You won’t lose heating if the power goes out during the winter
  • You can continue living uninterrupted (watching TV, working, etc.)
  • Reduces the risk of power surges or voltage fluctuations that might damage electronics and appliances or cause fires
  • Your freezers and fridge will stay cold, so you don’t deal with food spoilage

Studies have found that Maine residents deal with more power outages than people in any other state. Maine customers suffer an average of 3.9 outages per year. Maine was second behind Florida in the average total duration of power outages each year at 14.1 hours. The average duration of an outage caused by a major event like a blizzard in Maine was nine hours per year, with outages not linked to major events estimated to last 5.5 hours per year.

You might not think 14 hours without electricity per year is that big of a deal, but keep in mind those are just averages. Some customers suffer outages more frequently and for much longer periods of time while others experience far fewer and shorter outages.

An outage in the middle of the night or during the day when you’re at work might not seem like a significant imposition, but long outages, while you’re at home or on the weekend, can be annoyingly inconvenient for you and your family. Outages also have the potential to be dangerous, especially if the lack of electricity deprives you of heating or communication.

Inconvenience isn’t the only downside of an outage.

Power surges and voltage fluctuations can fry computers and modern appliances. Most electronics found in your home can’t handle voltage over 169, but power surges can cause the electricity going into your appliances to spike above 169 volts.

Even minor fluctuations might reduce the longevity of circuit boards or components in your electronics. In a time where everything from refrigerators and coffee machines to dishwashers and microwaves has complex electronics, many of your appliances might be at risk from power surges.

Power surges are also a potential fire risk, and no one wants fires.

Backup generators ensure you never suffer the inconvenience or dangers of power outages.

Preventing Avoidable Homeowners Claims

Whether or not you can get insurance to pay out a personal property damage claim for appliances or other damages to the structure depends on your policy and the type of damage. However, it’s generally preferable to avoid the entire process of being forced to deal with the insurance company. There are claim negotiations, deductibles, and the potential for your premiums to go up.

A generator might help you avoid needing to file a claim for preventable damage related to power outages, power surges, or voltage fluctuations.

What Might Cause Power Surges?

You might assume outside sources like lightning strikes or storms that knock down power lines are the most frequent cause of power surges. While those are frequently to blame for power surges, they’re not the only potential cause.

Certain appliances in your home might cause a circuit to overload and lead to power surges. Appliances or tools that consume a lot of voltage are frequent culprits, including hair dryers, space heaters, power tools, or HVAC systems. Some of the effects are cumulative. Little power surges might not cause any immediately visible problems, but they could have long-term repercussions for your appliances and electrical system.

Backup generators can protect against the most common cause of power surges – power outages.

Protect Your Bangor Property and Family from Power Outages

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