The simple answer is yes, especially if someone in your household suffers from seasonal allergies or has breathing issues that can be exacerbated at certain times of the year. Ductless heat pumps have removable and washable filters that most owners can easily slip out, clean with a vacuum and tap water, and then replace. The cleaning process isn’t complicated or time-consuming and can help keep indoor pollutants to a minimum.

Fujitsu cleanable filters also feature little side clips near the middle. You can purchase special attachable filter add-ons to significantly increase the quality of air filtration offered by your ductless system.

The process for clipping in these filter addons doesn’t require any special tools. Most Fujitsu mini-split ductless heat pump owners can handle performing the job themselves, but you can also schedule system maintenance from Valley Home Services if you require assistance.

Many heat pump pros recommend cleaning your filters every two weeks during peak seasonal use and replacing the filters once a year.

Do You Need to Buy Filter Addons?

Improving your system’s filtration isn’t a requirement, but if indoor air quality is something you worry about, it may be a good idea to purchase additional filters. Regular cleaning is often adequate for most ductless heat pump users in and near Bangor.

Lower Humidity Is Good

Most people talk about HVAC systems or ductless heat pumps in terms of temperature control. It can be easy to forget the other vital role they play in home comfort: humidity control. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold growth risk increases significantly once humidity is over 60 percent. The EPA recommends keeping humidity between 30 and 50 percent to discourage both pests and mold growth.  

Allergens and dust mites also survive more easily in high-humidity environments. Excessive humidity can contribute to the buildup of potentially dangerous airborne chemicals.

Does an Air Purifier Do the Same Thing as a Heat Pump Air Filter?

Not exactly, especially regarding humidity control; air purifiers don’t dehumidify the air like a ductless mini-split or central air system. They also take longer to purify the air in a room compared to a ductless system that is actively switching out all the air in a room and passing new air through a filter.

While you could invest in a small, portable air purifier to marginally improve indoor air quality, it likely won’t possess the same purification potential as a clean, high-quality ductless air filter.

Do I Need to Call Valley Home Services for Ductless Heat Pump Cleaning in Bangor?

Most mini-split owners can handle cleaning or replacing their system’s filters without the assistance of a maintenance professional. However, filters aren’t the only parts of your system that can potentially become clogged or dirty. Dirty coils or dust-coated components could negatively impact air quality and heating and cooling performance.

If you’ve noticed a drop in heating performance and your filters are clean, it’s likely in your best interest to call an expert. Our comprehensive ductless heat pump maintenance can ensure your system is cleaned and operating effectively.

A ductless heat pump maintenance visit also allows our team to troubleshoot your system and catch any issues that might be leading to a reduction in temperature control or air quality.

When Should You Call a Ductless Heat Pump Specialist?

Some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for include the following:

  • The air coming out of your ductless heat pump isn’t as warm or cool as it used to be
  • The outdoor part of your system is making strange noises
  • Your ductless heat pump is cycling on and off more often than normal
  • Your system suddenly stops working

Call Us for Fast Ductless Heat Pump Service

The team at Valley Home Services is always standing at the ready to help if your ductless heat pump stops working or doesn’t seem to be operating at peak efficiency. We’re also happy to help you understand your system’s air filter and can provide cleaning recommendations and assistance.

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